My first introduction to Witchcraft and magic(k) was in part through the wonders of literature and Hollywood. I had always daydreamed and created fascinating adventures as a kid playing in the woods.

I read the Lord of the Rings series, the Hobbit, Harry Potter. Watching shows like Buffy, Charmed and Xena only inspired me even more so. Movies like the Craft and Practical Magic left me wanting more. How mysterious these worlds were where gods caused trickery among humans and a boy could speak to snakes. Doorways appeared in closets and girls could levitate pencils and change hair color on a whim.

Out of all of the many books, movies, and shows I devoured – I’d say Buffy was my main catalyst. I knew that the adorably geeky Willow was pure fiction, but I still wanted to learn as much as I could about the origins of Witchcraft as it was portrayed in the show. This sparked a very long and never-ending quest for information and history – as well as a coming home.

Reading about the history of Witches, the Wheel of the Year, the ethics and beliefs of Pagans, Witches and Wiccans – it felt like a true coming-home to me. This was where I was meant to dive in and explore. These thoughts, ideas, and experiences, the words of elders and of newcomers alike resonated with me on a soul-deep level.

This was home.

Song of the Minute: Before I’m Dead ~ Kidneythieves

Photo Credit: Kaique Rocha


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