This Ostara is settling in like a feather, light and barely felt. I feel like all of the events these past few months of the new year have already made it feel dark and heavy. That Spring is struggling to pierce through these dark clouds of harmful viruses and death and rampant negativity.

Part of me wants to just keep my mind on more light-hearted Ostara things. Dyeing eggs, spring flowers, baking, bunnies, the feeling of new growth and potential. How can I ignore the shadows though?

So for this Ostara, I’m focusing on keeping in my mind a need for balance, but also protection. Protection against the growing shadow. Protection against the swirling self-doubt, anxiety, and depression that is looming from society and stress. Protection against feeling so uncertain of what is going to happen and when it’s going to happen or not happen.

I’m also trying to focus on love. Self-love, love for my family, my friends, my girlfriend. The love I have for the things and activities that bring me joy and lift my heart. The little things that make life worth living – midnight snuggles and a perfect cup of hot chocolate with vegan marshmallows.

Maybe, just maybe – the answer is to not turn your back on the shadows. Maybe it’s to take a glimmer of your light, hold it close to your chest and let the shadows embrace you. See what they are, why they are there. Understand them – have tea with your demons – but don’t let them rule you.

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  1. Amie Ravenson says:

    Both Ostara and Beltane were really tough for me last year. Not being able to go out and celebrate at least AROUND people made me really sad. Hopefully the vaccine will work out for everyone and we can all have fun in 2022 at least!


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