This Mabon has been so different than any other I’ve experienced so far. I feel like the tides around me are shifting, changing. Events are being put into motion that I can’t quite grasp the consequences of. I am not powerless in this. The Universe seems to be helping me to both bring new things into my life that is desperately needed and casting that which no longer serves away.

My ex is no longer harrasing and cyber-stalking me. My job is a lot less stressful, and a lot more at the same time. Money is finally something that is not causing anxiety due to me being super strict about budgeting and what goes where. My best friend and I have drifted apart. I may be moving with my partner into a house in the coming year.

And – most excitedly – my spiritual path is blooming and I am finally feeling comfortable in my own skin. I think part of this is actively moving and practicing what I’ve been learning. I’ve heard that once you start working with energy and learning new things within the Craft, you open yourself up to be more interesting on the astral plane. I have this image in my head of little critters being attracted to a large concentration of glowing lights going “Oooo tasty!”

I’m even more excited though for Samhain and the fall season. Last year it seemed to go by so fast, gone in the blink of an eye. I don’t have any plans yet, but I know that I want to do a few things for sure.

There are still rough days of course. I know the world is in a pretty bad place right now, and all of the people on it too. Movements and pandemics can’t be denied. The world is on fire, and no one is coming to put it out for us. Things will hopefully get better soon, but I think the best we can do right now is to hold onto our loved ones and our love.

Remember who we are.

Remember what we are.

Remember the Mighty Dead and all those who came Before and will come After.

Remember the Gods.

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